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Advice on having psychic readings

Having a $1 psychic reading done is a serious thing. If you have one done, you must take some time before the actual meeting to research and discover how best psychics do their jobs. A bad experience with a free psychic can be very jarring, so taking steps beforehand will help ensure your experience is better than that.

1) Choosing a Psychic

Do your research into the psychic. An internet search will turn up a lot of information about psychics and what others say about them. Read reviews and ratings to help you pick out someone reliable and who has a good reputation among their clients. You can also find pictures, contact info and articles written by the psychic to see what they’re like before you decide if you would like to go in for a reading.

2) How psychic works

Find out how the psychic works, and if their work does not suit your needs, do not go through with having a reading done by them. Ask yourself what you expect from the scrying session and find someone who will be able to do the things you expect. If you want to contact someone who has died, make sure they are skilled in mediumship and psychic communication. If you think you might be able to communicate with your spirit guide or angelic beings through them, make sure they can do that as well. Be clear on what it is precise that you’ll need from the psychic ahead of time.

3) Refund policies

Ask the psychic if they offer any guarantees about their work. Find out if there are refund policies in place, so you have some protection should you be dissatisfied with the session results, without having to pay more money on top of what you’ve already paid for the reading itself.

4) Session with the psychic

If it feels right to you, have a session with the psychic online. If you feel comfortable with them and confident that they know what they’re doing, trust your instincts and go through with having one done by them. You can always stop the reading if it turns out to be something you don’t want or need.

5) Psychic reading result

Wait for results after the psychic reading has been done. An immediate result will not necessarily happen, so try not to get discouraged if you don’t hear from your loved one right away. There might be a slight delay in getting the message through, and the psychic might need more time to tune into receptive states of consciousness before she can project an accurate image of your loved one who passed to you.

6) Information given by psychic

If you want to confirm the information given to you by the psychic, do some research of your own and see if any of the things she told you about seem true to what others have written or said about that person. Once you’ve found out this information for yourself, then trust that it’s accurate and embrace it as a great step along the way to your healing and closure.

7) Intertainment purpose

Remember that psychic readings is meant for entertainment purposes only. No one except you can say if a loved one who passed from this world has been trying to communicate with you or not. A psychic might connect with that person, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to do so. Remember that what you think about your loved ones is not necessarily what they are thinking of themselves, so be careful about using the psychic as a medium for your thoughts and desires.

8) Personal information

Never give too much information to a psychic before having a reading done. Lying about who you want to contact for them to make contact is advisable. It will ensure that the psychic isn’t getting biased or skewed information, leading to distorted images of your loved one being put forward during the psychic reading.

9) Wait for the right time

Know when to stop the reading if it’s not going well. If you feel uncomfortable with what is being said, end it right away and wait for another time before having another session done. Remember that everyone is different, and some psychics might not be right for you. Don’t waste your money or expose yourself to someone who isn’t going to help you, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable.

10) Solid idea

 Have a firm idea of what kinds of things you want to know from the reading before you have it done. If you don’t know exactly what you’ll need from the session, how do you expect the psychic to give you information? It would be best if you didn’t go into reading without outlining your goals for yourself ahead of time.

11) Prepare beforehand

 Know when to walk away if the results are not giving you anything back in the way you expected them to. If there’s no connection with your loved one, then don’t feel obligated to keep going with the reading. Coming to a session unprepared will only lead to disappointment for all parties involved, so make sure you know what you want out of this experience beforehand.

12) Respect the psychic

 Approach the psychic with the utmost respect. If you don’t, you’ll probably come off as rude to them, and they might not be inclined to try so hard during the session. The psychic is there to help you, so go into it knowing that everything will turn out for the best if you follow their advice.

13) Have faith

 Be patient with yourself after the free psychic reading has been done. Be aware that it will take some time for the information to sink in and become fully realized. Try not to get too anxious or paranoid about what was said if it seems like things haven’t changed overnight. Just trust that you did the right thing by getting your problems solved through these experts and waiting for results.

14) Several opinions

Don’t rely on just one psychic for all of your readings. Get several opinions from several different psychics to get a better idea of what it is you are dealing with. One psychic might not see the same things as another psychic would. Hence, it’s important to get several viable free psychic reading from different sources before deciding what to do next.

15) Stop worrying

 Remember that only you know how to make yourself happy. If you are feeling better, then you should be feeling great! Never worry about feeling this way, and take the time to process everything that is said so you can feel better than ever.

16) Making good decision

 Never tell the psychic that they were wrong about anything, and it will only lead to an argument, which you don’t want to deal with after spending money on a session with them. If the psychic is wrong, then it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to let them know about what they did wrong

17) Having immaculate record

 Be sure that the psychic has an immaculate record. It’s important to research the psychic before hiring them for any work, so make sure their background is clean and free of any allegations or wrongdoings. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who isn’t trustworthy, considering what you’re about to go through together.

18) Asking discount

 If you don’t like what the psychic says during the session after it’s over, feels free to ask for a discount on your next reading. Just make sure that they don’t see you as a chronic complainer who is always dissatisfied with the results.

19) Verifying before hiring

 Never hire a psychic if they ask you for money in advance. If someone were really good, they wouldn’t be asking for any money before proving their worth to you. Always make sure that this kind of stuff is taken care of before even thinking about making contact with them.

20) Research online

 If you’re not sure about what the free psychic is telling you, do your research online to see if other people are saying the same things before even thinking about hiring someone new. The last thing you want to do is keep getting readings from the same person over and over again, so find out what others have experienced first.

21) Being positive

 The psychic reading for you should always be positive and not downplay any of the things they say to you during a session. This makes people think that the psychics aren’t there to help, so don’t let this behavior happen during your readings. If it does, then don’t hire this person again and find someone else who can make you feel like everything will be alright.


It’s essential to have a way to connect with the other side significantly and uniquely, so be sure you know what kind of psychic connection there is before you hire someone. It will save you from having to keep going back for more readings from the same people time after time again.

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